A skylight (sometimes called a rooflight) is a light-permitting structure or window, usually made of transparent or translucent glass, that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting and ventilation purposes. Skylights have found wide application admitting steady, even light in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, especially those with a northern orientation. Installations range from purely functional daylighting to elaborate aesthetic forms. Flat-roofed buildings may have domed skylights; in others the skylight follows the slope of the roof. Often the skylight, or a portion of it, functions as an operating window to admit air.


A] Fixed unit skylight

A fixed skylight consists of a structural perimeter frame supporting glazing infill (the light-transmitting portion, which is made primarily of glass or plastic). A fixed skylight is non-operable, meaning there is no ventilation. They're ideal for dark spaces and can add natural light discreetly. Fixed skylights have the following characteristics:

  • They're cost-effective and improve energy efficiency.

  • They have a clean exterior profile that won't obstruct your roofline.

  • They're easy to install and include a No Leak Warranty.

  • They can be used for daylighting smaller spaces such as hallways.

  • They can be double or triple glazed.

B] Operable skylight

An operable (venting) unit skylight uses a hinged sash attached to and supported by the frame. When within reach of the occupants, this type is also called a roof window.

Operable skylights have the following characteristics :

  • Allow warm air to escape in the summer.

  • Allow cooler air to be drawn in through the windows.

  • Provide increased natural light.

  • Provide ventilation.

  • Lift the glazed unit or “lid” from 80 to 90 degrees from the plane of the curb.


Aluminium Skylight

  • Strength : Aluminium is a cost-effective material that can handle higher snow and other weight loads than synthetic plastic.

  • Light : Aluminium skylights use thinner rafters to maximize glass sizes and fill the room with more light.

  • Color : Aluminium skylights are available in over 200 RAL colors.

  • Thermal protection : Aluminium roof lanterns are insulated to protect your interior from external heating and ensure that you do not lose heat from inside the house.

  • Aesthetic appeal : Aluminium roof windows have an unmatched aesthetic appeal.

  • Versatile : Aluminium is relatively easy to work with and install, and is an ideal design material. Its malleability means it’s easily manipulated into virtually any custom shape or configuration.

  • Durable : Aluminium’s thin, invisible oxide skin doesn’t require constant re-finishing, doesn’t stain easily, and lasts for decades. Since it’s resistant to UV radiation it generally holds

Polycarbonate skylight

  • Superior Strength and Durability : Polycarbonate is an incredibly strong and durable material. It is impact-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including hail, heavy rain, and strong winds. This exceptional strength ensures long-lasting performance and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

  • Excellent Light Transmission : Polycarbonate excels in this aspect by offering exceptional light transmission. It allows a high percentage of natural light to pass through while minimizing the loss of brightness. The clarity of polycarbonate remains unaffected over time, ensuring a consistent flow of natural light for years to come.

  • Energy Efficiency : Polycarbonate skylight roofing can help reduce energy consumption by optimizing the use of natural light. Furthermore, polycarbonate provides effective thermal insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce the load on HVAC systems, thereby enhancing overall energy efficiency.

  • UV Protection : Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause fading and damage to furniture, flooring, and other interior elements. Polycarbonate skylight roofing is designed to filter out harmful UV rays while allowing the passage of visible light.

  • Lightweight and Flexible : Compared to traditional roofing materials, polycarbonate is lightweight, making it easier to install and transport. The flexibility of polycarbonate sheets allows for various design possibilities. Additionally, the lightweight nature of polycarbonate reduces the structural load on buildings.

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