Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Panels

A Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Panel is an important product in the construction industry because of the numerous advantages. Actually PUF panel is one of the most effective way to maintain the energy efficiency of the building. As a result PUF panel is saving up to 40 – 50 % of heating and cooling cost. PUF insulated panels increase the effect of thermal efficiency and reduce the temperature inside the building. Insulation panels have a monolithic sandwich structure formed by injecting a high density of rigid polyurethane foam between two cladding sheet.

Advantages :

  • Higher energy saving because of very low thermal conductivity.

  • Total construction cost (materials and labor) is lower than that for traditional framing.

  • Reduce the effect of noise pollution.

  • All weather proof construction and maintenance free.

  • Long lasting value with controlled quality, accuracy & speed of construction.

  • Lighter in weight, easy to transport and highly Insulated.

  • High in quality, durable and economical.

  • Easy assembling.



Cold Room

It can be applied in temperature controlled environments range from -40°C to +15°C in suitable thickness


Clean Room

Pharmaceuticals application required panel that can be washed constantly without separating clean room partitions although design completes with stand continued cleaning and sanitization with various chemicals to resist microbial and fungal. Clean room Panels Consists of Following sub components: Clean room Windows, Coving, 3D Corner Pieces,2D corner pieces.

Roof PUF Panel

Ribbed surface sandwich panels are designed to increase durabilty by giving a corrugated form to the galvanized sheet. Polyurethane filled sandwich panels bring practical solutions to many insulation requirements with cost effective features


Laboratory Furniture

These furniture are manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards. Such designs comprise various attractive furnishes that have huge demand.

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