Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets

A mosquito net/screen for windows is a panel of mesh and/or netting, hung on the outside of your window to allow airflow but prevent mosquitoes from coming in. They are one of the most common ways to keep both mosquitos and other flying pests out.

Mosquito nets for windows come in many different forms, like mesh panels that you hang on your own window frames or more permanent installations with custom fit screens.

Window Mesh or Net is usually installed on the outside of the window, but there are also some nets that are installed on the inside of your windows. Installing a mesh panel or netting on the outside of your window is usually more effective though since it creates an airtight seal preventing mosquitoes from entering.

Types of Mosquito Nets

1. Sleek window openable

This mosquito net will look as same as like the window door, where the wooden door of the window will be opened outside from the wooden frame & our product will be opened inside. It is made up of first quality channel bars, which has been powder-coated. The fibre 'L' like corners will be used for joining the channel bars in all four side corners. After bar has been made, the mesh will be cut as per the size and ribbed on all the four sides of the frame with a rubber spine, which will hold the mesh hardly. The unbreakable fibre hinges will be used for fixing the bar net on the window frame & the stoppers be used to lock the frame around the corners according to the necessity.

In this material, the fibre-glass or the SS can be placed according to the customer‘s requirement.

It is also free from fire and easy washable since the frame has been attached and detached easily from the wooden bars incase of aluminium / uPVC windows

2. Magnetic Mesh

Magnetic insect screen provide a solution to your mosquitoes & insects problem at home or at work. Its suitable to install on your exiting windows, sliding or push-out type, to keeps bugs out but allow air to flow through thus improve ventilation.

Insect screens are held to the window frame using magnets, 1 magnetic strip on insect screen & another pasted on window frame with 3M adhesive tape. The attracting magnets forms a seal around the window frame yet allows you to easily open / close your windows or remove the whole insect screen to wash. Peel the screens off with the pull string at either corners at the bottom of insect screen to open/close window. Release the screen when you are done & the insect screen will snap back.

3. Door Openable

Hinged door insect screens provide complete insect protection. This type of Stripe doors that is designed by using superior quality of material bases sourced from reliable vendors of the industry. Effective protection against insects, these are available in various designs, sizes & finish and can be custom made as per the client‘s requirements. The entire range of screen doors provided by us have joint corners with a solid kick plate to prevent damage. Furthermore, these are widely used for various applications as well as acknowledged for their durability and easy to maintain properties.

  • Single door openable

  • Double door openable

  • Foldable door openable

  • Double foldable openable

  • Special Box door openable

4. Roller Shutter

This mosquito net is nothing but the same mechanism as like the roller shutter systems. Strong panels will be screwed to hold the mesh on left and right side of the window net. A round pipe will be cut to the size of window width and the mesh will be rolled in it and fixed tightly with spring systems and finally inserted into a round alloy panel. This will be fixed as the top panel of the windows. A plate will be attached to the outer end of the mesh and it contains a center hole in which a thread will be tied to pull and push the mesh from top to bottom.Phifer Quality Fibre-Glass is the only material can be used in this roller-shutter design. This model can be fixed either to the wooden window as well on the Aluminium / UPVC window.

5. Pleated System

The retractable insect screen systems have pleated nets for double cassette doors and Balconies that come with wider openings to allow sunlight and fresh air to pass but meshed closely enough to keep insects. This mosquito net is highly rich look on your windows. The mechanism in this design is quite different from comparing with the other. In this type, the fibre-glass will be folded like zig-zag and a set of ropes will be inserted in between the foldings. The zig-zag folded mesh will be pleated at one side (either at right or left) and pull towards the other end for closing. The fibre-glass will pass though the ropes whose edges will be fixed with wheels on both the ends. This also contains AL- alloy panels on all the four sides including the pleated panel. Fabricated fibre-Glass is the only material can be used in this Pleated model. This type can be fixed either to the wooden window as well on the Aluminium / UPVC window.

6. Barrier Free

Barrier free or collapsible mosquito nets is a unique mosquito net system and a great solution for huge openings. It gives wider openings to allow sunlight and fresh air to pass but meshed closely enough to keep insects out. This screens works on spring less technology with PVC based chain along the runner in the floor. Trackless retractable will not stumble or trip children or adults (safety). It has the option to use a single shutter to twin shutter openings. It can be suggested to doors, balconies, French doors with larger openings. This mesh pleated polyester water proofing mesh.

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