Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that comes in a transparent sheet and offers unique durability and is resistant to water and impact damage. Compared to acrylic plastic, polycarbonate has a higher impact strength and is more durable than acrylic, making polycarbonate the preferred form of plastic for many. Not only is polycarbonate incredibly light, but it’s also virtually impossible to break and has excellent resistance to many forms of damage.

No matter what project you’re using polycarbonate for, polycarbonate sheets can be cut-to-size to make sure it’s the perfect fit to match your specifications.

Advantages :

  • Resistant to water and impact damage.

  • Tough quality and minimal moisture absorbance.

  • They also have excellent heat resistance, stability and are flame-retardant and chemical resistant.

  • Working with polycarbonate sheets is easy and the material can effortlessly cut and fixed with screws, nuts and bolts. Using thermoforming and machining, polycarbonate can be shaped and sized with ease.

  • When heated at its melting point of 155 degrees celsius, polycarbonate becomes a liquid and can be cooled and reheated continuously without significant degrading, making it easy to recycle or have injection moulded.

  • It can bear weight both horizontally and vertically.

  • It can bear weight both horizontally and vertically.

Types :


Pc Corrugated Trapezodial Sheet

Size : 1mm X 900mm X 6100 mm

Colour : Clear, Green, Blue,Brown & White


Pc Corrugated Big Wave Sheet

Size : 1mm X 900mm X 6100 mm

Colour : Clear, Green, Blue, Brown, White, Metalic Silver


Pc Embossed Solid Sheet

Size : 1.5mm X1220mm X 30500 mm,

1.5mm X1220mm X 30500 mm ,

1.5mm X1220mm X 30500 mm ,

1.5mm X1220mm X 30500 mm

Colour : Clear, Green, Blue, Brown, White, Metalic Silver


Pc Channeled Sheet

Size : 1mm X 1220mm X 30500 mm

Colour : Clear, Green, Blue, Brown


Pc Hollow Multiwall Sheet

Size : 4.5mm X1220mm X 11900 mm ,

4.5mm X2100mm X 11900mm ,

6.0mm X1220mm X 11900 mm ,

6.0mm X2100mm X 11900mm ,

10mm X2100mm X 11900mm


Pc Hollow Triple Wall Sheet

Size : 10mm X2100mm X 11900 mm

Colour : Clear, Green, Blue, Brown, Metalic Silver Frosted Clear, Frosted Brown


Pc Corrugated Small Wave Sheet

Size :

Wave distance: 32mm

Thickness : 8mm

Width : 6100mm

Length : 1000mm


Pc 930 Profile Corrugated Sheet

Size :

Wave height : 32mm

Width : 1050mm

Length : 2440mm, 3050mm, 3660mm, 4300mm, 4880mm, 6100mm

Methods :

A] Four Sides Clamped Flat Glazing

This method utilizes comparatively small, separate glazing elements, cut from large sheets, Multiwall sheet is put inside a four - sided frame or supporting structures and clamped on all sides. Clamping is done by plastic, wood or metal clamping profiles, with or without rubber sealing strips, and fastened by nails, screws or blots to the supporting frame. The frame itself can be made of wood or metal, according to the design

B] Two-side Clamped Arched Glazing

Multiwall sheets can be curved into arches within the petmitted radius with no damaging effect to mechanical performance. Moreover, internal stresses induded by curving give it extra strength and rigidity elements.

C] Mid-sheet Fasteners

Positioning the Sheets

Arching Radius

Multiwall sheets may be cold bent, or curved up to their permitted radius, using polycarbonate’s natural properties, without need of a thermal process, curving sheet beyond this permitted radius induces undue stresses and straining the glazing sheet, causing premature failure.


Photo by Minh Pham


Photo by Minh Pham

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Photo by Minh Pham


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