Curtain Wall Section

Curtain Wall Section

A curtain wall is an exterior covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, instead serving to protect the interior of the building from the elements. Since the curtain wall facade carries no structural load beyond its own dead load weight, it can be made of lightweight materials. The wall transfers lateral wind loads upon it to the main building structure through connections at floors or columns of the building. Each glazing system requires careful integration with other adjacent structural elements such as wall claddings, roofs, and wall details.

Interior glazed systems allow for glass or opaque panel installation into the curtain wall openings from the interior of the building. These systems typically require specific design per their application.

Exterior glazing systems work well for low rise construction projects that allow for easy access to the exterior of the building.


  • They protect against the elements. They act as a protective, weatherproof shield that keeps air and water out of the building. This barrier also offers some protection against fires by slowing the spread of flames.

  • They reduce sway. Curtain walls are great for taller buildings since they can withstand high winds. They disperse kinetic force throughout their frame, thereby reducing overall sway. Their wind resistance also adds a level of acoustic insulation and soundproofing.

  • They’re attractive. Curtain walls have a sleek, contemporary design that mirrors the skyline and improves the appearance of a building.

  • They increase natural light. Curtain walls allow ample natural light into a building

  • They improve thermal efficiency. Curtain wall glass panels can be glazed to reduce UV light and stabilize the interior temperature hence reducing costs.

  • They’re customizable. Curtain walls can be customized to meet different needs and budgets.

Dedicated Fleet for General and ODC Cargo Transport
Dedicated Fleet for General and ODC Cargo Transport

Types of Curtain Wall Section

1. Stick Curtain Wall System

In this type of curtain wall system, the components are assembled piece by piece on the structure of the building at the site. This system is mainly used for low-rise buildings or in small regions. This is because, to reach higher elevations exterior access is essential. For this additional requirements scaffolding, cranes etc. will be required. The above system gains the advantage of low shipping cost as onsite adjustments are possible.

Dedicated Fleet for General and ODC Cargo Transport

2. Unitized Curtain Wall System

It involves assembling by means of interlocking units that are bought from the factory. The whole components are bought together as a single unit from the factory. This system is mainly used in high rise building. This does not require exterior supports like cranes or scaffolding.

Dedicated Fleet for General and ODC Cargo Transport
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