Spider Glazing

Spider Glazing

Spider glazing is a type of glazing solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies. It uses point fixings to secure the glass to a support structure. Spider glazing is a complete packaged solution with glass, fixings, fasteners, and spider brackets connecting to the main structure.

The fixings used are made up of stainless steel. These fixings are designed to absorb all kinds of load and then distribute them to the support structure. It can handle static and dynamic loads, such as dead weight of the glass, wind loading, and differential expansion due to temperature alterations.


  • Flexibility : Spider glazing is a flexible medium. One can create various designs for canopies and frame-less entrances per the need and requirement.

  • Transparency : Spider glazing offers maximum transparency and ensures the entry of natural light into the building interiors hence they are the number one choice for canopies, curtain walls, and atriums.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance : Spider glazing systems are widely used in offices and building complexes. All PVC doors and windows can easily be inserted in spider glass areas.

  • Durability : Reputed glass manufacturers use high-quality materials like glass and stainless steel to make glass canopies and aluminium composite panel canopies, thus ensuring durable performance.

  • Weather and Rust-proofing : Modern day spider glazing is highly weather and water-proof. The stainless steel material used in construction prevents any ill effects of rusting.

  • Unobtrusive Appearance : It enhances the external look of the building due to its edgy architecture.

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Dedicated Fleet for General and ODC Cargo Transport
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